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Welcome to The Poultry Information Centre

The Poultry Information Centre has been established for the purpose of communicating valuable, relevant and up-to date information to poultry producers of all sizes.

We also offer relevant services, such as recruitment and placement of staff, training and advertising both on our website and in our monthly e-newsletter. General information is available on-line. The intention is to open lines of communication amongst all participants in the poultry industry and to assist emerging and new poultry producers – throughout South Africa.

Subscribers will have access to electronic as well as telephonic assistance, if required. If information is only a telephone call away, poultry production problems can be solved quickly.

A regular feature of our website is our free newsletter which reaches a large number of companies and individuals throughout South Africa and approximately 14 countries throughout the world.


All our adverts are linked to the companies' website or e-mail address. If you click on the advertiser's logo it will automically take you to their website.

To subscribe to our free newsletter or to obtain our very reasonable advertising and recruitment rates, please e-mail or call Rod on 082 853 5701.

Our advertisers can supply you with all the products needed for the Poultry industry.

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The organisms which bring about diseases in poultry are too small to be seen by the naked eye - a microscope needs to be used to see them. These microorganisms are: Bacteria, Viruses, Protozoa and Fungi. If the bird has a good immune system it can resist low grade invasions of these organisms. If the bird comes under stress which often lowers immunity the bird becomes susceptible and these organisms then multiply rapidly in the bird and so sickness follows.

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